Latest updates regarding our services through COVID-19

May 10 , 2020

Latest updates regarding our services through COVID-19

Dear customer! 

Thank you for visiting the True Petrolhead store. Despite current circumstances we will do our best to offer you the high level of service. 

Due to current restrictions some delays in producing and shipping may appear. 

These delays primarily relate to our garment products. Non-garment production times are currently much more stable.

True Petrolhead produces the goods in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Germany and New Zealand. All the goods in menu are marked with the name or abbreviation of the country, so that you could browse easily and choose the nearest country to you. During the Covid19 restrictions we advice you to choose the nearest country to receive the order as quickly as possible.


Here are some tips how to choose the country of production of garments: 

USA USA, Canada ( marked as "CAN")

Canada ( marked as "CAN"), USA


United Kingdom (marked as "UK")

Czech Republic ( marked as "Europe")


Czech Republic ( marked as "Europe")


Due to postal restrictions parcels from UK may be delivered with a big delay, so we advice to choose the countries, mentioned above (USA and Czech Republic)

Central and South America


 Australia, New Zealand

New Zealand

Some countries are not covered in our shipping, because of the postal restriction. For example, we timely don't ship to Asia, Middle East  and Africa.
The current situation affects the whole industries, but we work together with our partners to minimize it's influence to our store. 

Thank you for understanding! 
We’re at your disposal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to receive the latest updates, or o ask question. 
Wish you all the best!